Stick To The Plan To Eat

(My Survivor comrades will get that reference!!!)

This is my mom’s whimsical painting of a well-stocked fruit bowl. Follow her on Instagram to see her collection and you can see paintings for sale here, especially if you’re looking for a unique holiday gift!

Cook Once, Eat Twice

I have always said that the best ticket to healthy eating is a well-stocked fridge. I’d like to revise that slightly and say a well-stocked fridge and a plan!

I am working hard myself on getting more organized with our meals.

I really like the concept of cooking once, eating twice (or even 3 times if you toss in re-purposed leftovers for lunch!)

Eggs over a Plenty Cville Salad! I ate hard-boiled eggs every day that week!

We’ve been focusing on bigger cook days on Sundays, Wednesdays, and Fridays and eating leftovers, a Plenty Cville meal or a date-night in on the other days.

Tuesday is Mazen’s soccer practice from 5-6, so we never plan to cook that night. And Thursdays Mazen is usually at his dad’s so we can plan to cook a bigger meal around a calmer kitchen atmosphere 😉

(Wild Rice Soup we made a few weeks back and frozen for a reheat night!)

Plan To Eat

~Sponsored segment~

Plan to Eat is a cool meal planning app that keeps everything related to meal planning, grocery shopping and cooking super organized. Many of you have recommended it over the years, and I did a free trial a few years ago. At the time I wasn’t ready to commit to a full year, but I am giving it another go!

The ability to clip recipes and then drag them onto a calendar is mind-blowingly convenient. I had about 10 recipes saved in my bookmarks that I was able to delete and consolidate into the app with their handy browser clipper.

While I would still say I am a “light user” (I haven’t used the ingredient + shopping features yet because we’re incorporating Blue Apron into our weeks), being able to drag and drop saved recipes to an actual calendar and see them in a visual pattern has helped SO much with my “cook once, eat twice” plan.

Flexibility needs to be at the heart of every planning system, and I really like how easy it is to move a recipe from one day to the next.

The Plan to Eat team asked if I’d be interested in spreading the word with my readers through an extended 60-day free trial, so give it a test today!

Homemade burger night with salads!

Egg sandwich with cheese and berries

Good ole overnight oats! with Pumpkin Spice Almond Butter and nana.

Stay grounded everyone – it’s bound to be a crazy day in the USA.

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