Best Kids Books For Grownups

We read a lot of books in our house. Multiple books at naptime and at bedtime. While I let my kids choose which books they want to hear, these are the best kids books I like to read!

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We love to read!

My mom was a children’s librarian and she’s a published kids author herself – she loves books! She’s been sending me books for Mazen since he was born, and Birch has gotten some new ones too. While we go through the gauntlet of books that the kids request, I wanted to share my all-time favorites from our collection. These are the best kids books that I reach for when the kids ask me to choose! 

My favorite books have clever plots, sing-song stanzas, interactive features, or beautiful illustrations! 

Head to the library or your used book store to look for these favorites.

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Here Is My List of The Best Kids Books For Grownups

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Trains Go – This is Birch’s favorite book at the moment so it’s a win-win! It’s full of funny sounds for all the different trains and fun to say together. We actually also have Boats Go and Trucks Go! 

Doggies – Sandra Boynton’s books are all great! But I’m actually REALLY good at making all the different dog sounds in this one. Don’t ask me to do them!

Woodland Sounds – We got this as a gift from a blog reader, and it’s so sweet. You push little buttons and hear the woodland noises. I like how peaceful they are compared to some of the other sound books!

Little Blue Truck – This one is fun to read because it’s one big poem with a bunch of animals and a good lesson at the end! Birchie loves the truck.

Clip-Clop – This hilarious book was a favorite of Mazen’s. We always do a deep Southern accent for the animals, which makes it extra silly and fun. It’s also quite animated so you can bounce them around while you read! I love to give this one as a gift. 

How Do Dinosaurs Say Happy Birthday – I love ALL of the dino books, but this one is my favorite because we love birthdays in our house! The rhyming is great, and the dinos always make the right choice in the end!

Night Light – I love how clever this book is with the peek-a-boo holes. The boys love to guess which truck or vehicle will come next. Very smart book all around!

The Story of the Little Mole Who Knew It Was None Of His Business – I am OBSESSED with this book and it’s probably my favorite on the list!! First off it’s all about you-know-what without actually saying the word, which is good when the kids in our house are having trouble not saying potty words. Second, all of the different animal ‘business’ is so gross and so funny at the same time. And the ending makes me LOL every time. 

Foodie Babies Wear Bibs – This book is one of those that is more for the parents than the kids because we get to chuckle at the inside jokes. The art is very cool too!

Llama Llama Red Pajama – Who doesn’t love reading this rhyming book!? I often say “Baby Llama what a tizzy!” in real life. Such a cute story. 

Red Truck – This is another one of Mazen’s favorites that Birch loves too! It has great rhyme, cute photos, and a nice story. 

Good Night – I love to read this one at bedtime and Birch loves to turn the pages himself. Each page has a cut-out and a little face smiling through. It’s very sweet! The only downside is the last page reads: “AGAIN!”

Things That Are Most In The World – This is another silly, cleverly written book that we have been loving lately. We laugh at each page!

Llama Llama Hippity Hop – I love to bounce the boys around when we read this one as well – a classic!!

Tomorrow I’ll Be Brave – This book is beautifully illustrated with hand-lettered messages of empowerment and confidence! I love its message.

Richard Scarry’s Cars and Trucks and Things That Go – We love this one when we’re tired and just want to point at things. There is always something new to discover! Both of my boys were obsessed with this one in their toddler years. 

Hear Bear Roar – This is another good one if you don’t have the energy to read a long book or just want to learn some animal sounds. The animals are quite real, and I like the lobster the most!

Always – I love this book for its sparkly pages. They are silver-foil coated and pretty. It’s also very sweet and good for bedtime.

Dinosaur vs. Bedtime – This book is NOT good for bedtime – haha! It will make them laugh though! 

Honorable Mention

I haven’t read this one but if you have a Peloton I think you need it 🙂

I have read this one and if you know anyone who brews their own beer it’s a winner!

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