Benefits Of Non Verbal Behavior In Ayurveda

By Dr Renita D’Souza

Verbal communication is done through words and sentences, it conveys our thought. Non verbal communication conveys feelings and emotions of the person through certain behaviors. Non-verbal behaviours communicate without speech. Words communicate 7%, tone of voice conveys 38% of message and body language communicates 55%.

Facial expression, gestures, body posture, eye contact and such other non-verbal behaviors conveys larger message than the spoken words. (read more)

Ayurveda Concept of Non-verbal Behavior

Non verbal communication has importance even in our traditional system of medicine, Ayurveda. Masters in Ayurveda have mentioned few non verbal behaviors which can help Ayurveda doctors in various ways from assessing the body type to the indication of nearing death.
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Assessing Body Type

Body type determines the nature of the person. Assessing body type is the first step in examining the patient for diagnosis and better line of treatment. Body type is assessed based on majority of features exhibited by 3 doshas. There are 7 Body types –Single Dosha – Vata, Pitta Kapha, Double Dosha – Vata-Pitta, Pitta-Kapha, Kapha-Vata, Samadhatu – Vata-Pitta-Kapha – 33.33% each. (read more here)

Lets see few non verbal behaviors of vata, pitta and kapha body type people.

Vata Body Type
Mobile Unstable joints- eyes, eye brows, jaw, lips, tongue, head, shoulder, hands and legs, mind
Voice – dry, low pitch, broken, obstructed and hoarse voice
Sleep – always keeping awake
Inconsistent gait, action and movement
While walking, constant crackling sound from joints
Quick in initiating actions
Quick to get irritated
Quickly gets afflicted with fear
Often gets afflicted with cold, shivering and stiffness
Body parts are cold to touch
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Pitta Body Type

Intolerance to hot weather, sun, fire or hot food substances
Intakes large quantity of food and drink
Eats without sharing
Physical and mental strength – Sharp

Kapha Body Type

Slow in getting irritated
Clear, pleasant and soft voice
Appearance – Pleasing
Skin – Soft, tender
Complexion – Fair
Walking – slow
Eating – Eats slowly, likes warm food and drinks
Body movements – slow
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The person who puts poison (Vishada Laksana)

The person who is about to poison someone will have
Dry and discolored face
Eccentrically looks in all directions
Presence of sweating and tremors
Looks tired
Slips while talking and walking
Yawns frequently
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Nonverbal behaviors in Babies

An Ayurveda treatise, Kashyapa Samhitha which explains mainly about child health have dedicated a complete chapter which describes non verbal behavior of babies in specific health condition.
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To determine approaching Death

Voice – Voice produced as mentioned below or any other sound resembling these sounds are considered to be abnormal voices and these voices indicates quick approaching death in a patient.

– Sheep, wild goat, feeble, obstructed, stammer, weak, grieved
– Person speaks continuously, doesn’t stop after one sentence
– Sudden appearance of voice which was not present earlier also considered as an indicator of quickly approaching death.
– Appearance of one or more of abnormal voices in a debilitated person suggests that patient is going to die in short span of time
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Determining best quality tissue in a person

There are 7 tissues in the body. Best quality of particular tissue will exhibit specific features in the appearance of the person, skin complexion, color of nails, eyes and so on.

Signs of best quality skin tissue

Skin is unctuous, soft, lustrous and charming
Body hairs – smooth, unctuous, minute, less distributed on the skin and deep rooted
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Signs of best quality blood tissue

Looks happy and comfortable
Delicate nature
Less strength
Intolerance towards heat
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Signs of best quality muscle tissue

Body structures are stable, heavy, good looking and well covered with muscles
Well covered and concealed bones and joints
Good physical strength
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Signs of best quality fat tissue

Excessive unctuousness of –
Complexion, Voice, Eyes, Hairs, Small hairs / body hairs, Nails, Teeth, Lips, Urine, Feces
Bulky body
Incapable of doing hard physical labor
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Signs of best quality bone tissue

Have robust and big –
Heels, Ankles, Knees, Forearm, Collarbones, Chin, Head, Small joints of hands and feet / digits, Bones, Nails, Teeth
Extreme enthusiasm
Have well built, strong and stable body
They can withstand strenuous activities
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Signs of best quality Bone marrow tissue

Soft body
Strong physical strength
Melodious voice 
Prominent, round and long joints
Big eyes
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Signs of best quality reproductive tissue

Gentle look
Eyes – milky white
Teeth – Unctuous, round, firm, even and compact teeth
Complexion – unctuous, lustrous
Voice – Pleasant
Prominent gluteus region (Read more here)

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