7 Signs You May Have Low Testosterone

Testosterone is the male hormone that’s responsible for male sexual development and several other functions. When we have low testosterone levels, we know it…

Testosterone helps stimulate sperm production and is responsible for a man’s sex drive, bone mass, and muscle development. During puberty, this hormone is responsible for the deepening of the voice, hair growth, and other factors related to male appearance.

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Testosterone production often decreases with age. One of the signs that you may have low testosterone is a lack of energy. Men who have low testosterone levels often become very moody, anxious, and even depressed.

The most noticeable symptom of this is when a man is tired all the time. This may even cause the man to have problems sleeping. Other signs that you may have low testosterone include hot flashes. These are also caused by low levels of testosterone and can cause them to occur more than once in a person’s lifetime.

7 Signs You May Have Low Testosterone Levels (and what you can do about it)

Here are the seven signs you may have low testosterone levels in your body:

1. Difficulty Getting an Erection

Since testosterone stimulates the tissues in the penis to generate nitric oxide, responsible for several chemical reactions that lead to an erection, lower levels of the hormone may make it difficult to get an erection or maintain it.

However, there may also be several other reasons that contribute to erectile dysfunction, like diabetes, high blood pressure, stress, high cholesterol, and thyroid-related issues.

low testosterone in men leads to low sex drive

If the testosterone levels are too low, they may also experience problems getting an erection because of other factors such as low blood flow and lack of blood flow to the penile area. However, there are several different ways to increase your testosterone levels. Health Academy wrote an article on a testosterone booster that can help promote hormonal balance, helping you overcome erectile issues.

2. Low Sex Drive = Low Testosterone

Testosterone plays a key role in the functioning of the libido in men. Although low sex drive may occur with age, when it occurs due to low testosterone, you can see a drastic decrease in sex drive. In case you’re experiencing this symptom, it’s advisable to consult a doctor.

Testosterone plays a major role in bodily processes in men, such as erection and the production of sperm. Therefore, it does have an impact on your sex drive, too.

Interest Things About Sex

Without testosterone, the body cannot produce male characteristics, such as muscle mass and strength. This is especially true with the muscles that make up the body’s major sexual organs—the penis and the testicles. Since the penis is the most important of the major sex organs for reproduction among men, it is the organ that often affects the levels of testosterone in males.

However, low sex drive may not only be related to low testosterone levels, but can also manifest due to several other health conditions, like depression, fatigue, or anxiety.

3. Loss of Muscle Mass

Testosterone is one of the major factors responsible for building and maintaining muscle mass. Men with low levels of testosterone may experience a reduction in muscle mass even when they’re going to the gym regularly. However, several studies have shown that testosterone may affect muscle mass, but may not necessarily affect muscle function or muscle strength.

4. Reduced Bone Mass

Testosterone plays a crucial role in producing bone tissues and maintaining bone density. Low levels of testosterone may lead to lower bone volume and may experience bone loss. This makes them more susceptible to fractures.

5. Fatigue

A general sense of fatigue all the time could result from low levels of testosterone. You may be experiencing low levels of testosterone if you’re feeling tired all the time, even when you’re sleeping for eight hours each night, and can’t find the motivation or energy to exercise. Make sure to visit a doctor if you have general fatigue throughout the day and don’t feel motivated to move as these could be hormone-related.

6. Hair Loss

Age-related hair loss is common in men. However, testosterone plays a crucial role in hair production. When there are low testosterone levels in your body, you may experience loss of hair on your head, as well as the face.

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7. Increased Body Fat

When you’re suffering from low testosterone levels, but continue on a diet that supports building muscle mass, it could lead to an increase in body fat. When testosterone levels are low, it’s common for men to face gynecomastia, which leads to the enlargement of breasts. This occurs due to the imbalance of testosterone and estrogen in men.


Testosterone replacement therapy is a common solution for men with low testosterone levels and is often administered after checking the testosterone levels. However, low testosterone levels don’t always produce symptoms and may be diagnosed through a regular examination by your doctor.

In case you’re having any of the symptoms mentioned above, it’s advisable to seek medical attention. In the case of testosterone replacement therapy, the doctor will prescribe medication in the form of injections, gels, pills, or surgically implanted pellets that release the hormone. One can experience relief from the symptoms within four to five weeks of starting treatment.

Low Testosterone… what to do about it?

Testosterone is an important hormone that’s responsible for the development and maintenance of the male sex organs and several other bodily aspects, like muscle mass, bone density, hair growth, and energy levels. Although it may not the primary reason for these issues, it’s a major contributing factor, and, thus, should never be ruled out.

HRT hormone replacement therapy can treat low testosterone in men

Low levels of testosterone can lead to symptoms such as low sex drive, erectile dysfunction, fatigue, hair loss, muscle loss, lower bone density, mood swings, hot flashes, difficulty in sleeping, and an increase in body fat. Even though testosterone levels reduce with age, sometimes low levels of testosterone could be due to other health issues as well.

Testosterone replacement therapy is the most common treatment for men with low levels of testosterone. This type of therapy can be administered by your doctor if your tests suggest you’re low on testosterone. This treatment can help you relieve the symptoms of low testosterone levels effectively, usually within weeks of starting the treatment.


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